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The origin of UNIX dates back to 1965, when a joint venture was signed by bell laboratories, General Electric company and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The aim of this joint venture was to develop an operating system which had 

Capability to serve large community 

Capability to provide sharing of data among users working on the system

Elegant environment.

The system was called as Multics. Then in 1969 with the joint effort of Dennis Ritchie & Ken  Thompson, lots of new features were added into Multics and 1st version of the multi-user operating system named UNIX come up and was tested on computer called PDP-7. But the biggest problem faced by this operating system was Assembly language, which was complex and hard to understand.

To solve this problem with UNIX operating system , Ken Thompson created a new language called ‘B’ and rewrote the wrote code of UNIX in this new language. But B language also lacked several aspects of real programming. Therefore, Dennis Ritchie took a stop to remove all the inadequacies of Language and produced a new language called ‘C’, which is finally used to write UNIX operating system.

By 1973, UNIX had come a long way and was soon licensed to number of Universities and companies. By the 80’s UNIX proved that it could run on any king of computer whether it was Micro computer or Mainframe, with the large number of users attached to the operating system. Soon it captured most of the market share because of its popularity amongst companies due to its multi-user environment capability with more security and portability. 


The minimum requirements for a system to install UNIX and work with it properly are as follow.

Hard disk – 80 MB

RAM – 4 MB

Microprocessor   – 16 bit.

For connecting terminals 4/8/16 port controller card needs to be attached with the Host Machine for expansion slot on the mother board.

Requirement of memory gets changed by increasing the number of terminals connected to host machine.


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