प्यास लगी थी गजब की…मगर पानी मे जहर था…

Posted by admin at October 1, 2022

प्यास लगी थी गजब की…मगर पानी मे जहर था… पीते तो मर जाते और ना पीते तो भी मर जाते. बस यही दो मसले, जिंदगीभर ना हल हुए!!! ना नींद पूरी हुई, ना ख्वाब मुकम्मल हुए!!! वक़्त ने कहा…..काश थोड़ा और सब्र होता!!! सब्र ने कहा….काश थोड़ा और वक़्त होता!!! सुबह सुबह उठना पड़ता है […]


Real Analysis

Posted by Anjum Shekh at April 14, 2022

Upper bound of set  S = { x1, x2, x3 ,x4,………..xn } is  non- empty  set  then a finite real number m is said to be an Upper bound of S. If xi <= m ∀i=1, 2, 3, 4……… also all the real number which are greater than M are also upper bound of set […]


VSCODE Shortcut keys.

Posted by admin at January 18, 2022

Visual Studio Code is a source-code editor made by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and macOS. Features include support for debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, and embedded Git. Wikipedia General: Ctrl+Shift+P, F1                                       Show Command Palette Ctrl+P                                                       Quick Open, Go to File… Ctrl+Shift+N                                             New window/instance Ctrl+Shift+W                                            Close window/instance Ctrl+, […]



Posted by Vartika Kumari at September 12, 2021

Music has always had the power to stir our emotions deeply. Thebest performances given by most of our truly great musician havebeen those when they have sung or played spontaneously. Urged byan inner need to pour out their music. Here is a story about one ofour greatest musicians, which underlines this point.The history of Indian […]


What Is a File Extension?

Posted by admin at September 9, 2021

A file extension, sometimes called a file suffix or a filename extension, is the character or group of characters after the period that makes up an entire file name. A filename extension, file extension or file type is an identifier specified as a suffix to the name of a computer file. The extension indicates a characteristic of the file […]


Mathematical Ability Questions.

Posted by admin at August 21, 2021

. If + means ÷, × means –, – means × and ÷ means +, then 38+19 – 16 x 17 ÷ 3 = ? 2. If a means +, b means –, c means × and d means ÷, then 18 c 14 a 6 b 16 d 4 = ? 3. If A means +, B means […]


What is BODMAS?

Posted by admin at August 20, 2021

BODMAS meaningWhen presented with a number sentence containing more than one operation (such as 3 + 4 x 2) the operations cannot be completed from left to right, but instead in their order of “importance”, which is what BODMAS stands for. BODMAS stands for: BracketsOrdersDivision/MultiplicationAddition/Subtraction “Orders” means square roots and indices (which you may know […]


HTML Tables

Posted by admin at August 11, 2021

Define an HTML Table The <table> tag defines an HTML table. Each table row is defined with a <tr> tag. Each table header is defined with a <th> tag. Each table data/cell is defined with a <td> tag. By default, the text in <th> elements are bold and centered. By default, the text in <td> elements are regular and left-aligned. Creating a basic table The basic structure […]


Factorization problems

Posted by admin at August 5, 2021

What is Factorization in Mathematics? Factorization of an algebraic expression means writing the given expression as a product of its factors. These factors can be numbers, variables, or an algebraic expression. To the factor, a number means to break it up into numbers that can be multiplied to get the original number. For example, 1. […]


Windows Basic Commands

Posted by admin at July 22, 2021

What Is CMD CMD stands for Command (.CMD). A command is an instruction given to a computer program that tells the program what has to be done. It is an application that is found in most computers with Windows as the Operating System, and it helps in the execution of the commands entered. It is […]