प्यास लगी थी गजब की…मगर पानी मे जहर था…

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प्यास लगी थी गजब की…मगर पानी मे जहर था… पीते तो मर जाते और ना पीते तो भी मर जाते. बस यही दो मसले, जिंदगीभर ना हल हुए!!! ना नींद पूरी हुई, ना ख्वाब मुकम्मल हुए!!! वक़्त ने कहा…..काश थोड़ा और सब्र होता!!! सब्र ने कहा….काश थोड़ा और वक़्त होता!!! सुबह सुबह उठना पड़ता है […]



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Music has always had the power to stir our emotions deeply. Thebest performances given by most of our truly great musician havebeen those when they have sung or played spontaneously. Urged byan inner need to pour out their music. Here is a story about one ofour greatest musicians, which underlines this point.The history of Indian […]


Clytie, the Heliotrope

Posted by Vartika Kumari at July 18, 2021

There was once a sweet little nymph called clytie. She was soft spokenand kind, and always dressed in yellowish had only one pastimethought: gazing at Apollo, the sun god, as he drove his Sun chariotthrough the heavens. She was dazzled by his brightness and power.She wached him as he rose in the east, attened by […]


A Family on the Roof (—Laskhmi Bhavani)

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        One evening,my mother called me excitedly from the balcony.I went up and looked to where she was pointing.I saw an egg among the entwined creepers on the roof of our patio.I thought it could be a snack’s egg.Something we did spot snakes slithering among the bushes! But, a snake’s could not have been this […]