Euler’s Riddle (Eggs Problem)

Posted by admin at December 15, 2020

eggs - Euler's Riddle (Eggs Problem)

Euler’s riddle: Two traders went to a market to sell eggs. Each of them had her own eggs and they had 100 eggs altogether. After selling all their eggs they earned the same amount of money. One of them says to the other: If I had as many eggs as you had, I would have earned 15 rs. Then the other replies: If I had as many eggs as you had, then I would have earned 20/3 rs How many eggs did each of them bring?

दो व्यापारी बाजार में अपना अंडा बेंचने गए | दोनों के पास कुल 100 अंडे थे दोनों ने अपने अपने बेचने के बाद एक समान पैसे कमाए | फिर एक ने दूसरे से कहा यदि मेरे पास तुम्हारे जितने अंडे होते तो मै 15 rs  कमाता फिर दूसरे ने कहा की यदि मेरे पास तुम्हारे जितने अंडे होते तो मै 20/3 rs  कमाता तो बताईये की प्रत्येक के पास कितने अंडे थे


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