UNIX Administration

Posted by Amrita Gautam at July 3, 2021


When we work with any kind of system, whether a single-user or multi-
user, it needs a kind of management to control its resources, work on

them and perform many other tasks related with the environment of the
system. In single-user system the user is the in-charge of the system to
manage all activities of the system such as installation of the software,
device attachments, disk management, security etc. But in case of
Multi-user system there are multiple users who are working wit the
system by sitting on different terminals making it impractical to give
powers to everyone for managing all the resources. In this kind of
environment generally organization appoints one person as Super User
or System Administrator, who looks after all the system management
This chapter will introduce you with the concept of System
Administrator, responsibilities System Administrator like: disk
management, booting of System, shutdown server etc. and Block
Structure of UNIX File System.


System Administrator is a person who is responsible for full system
administrator, which refers to all the administrative tasks involved in
keeping a computer running. These involve things like creating new
users, deleting user accounts for persons who are no longer part of the
system, starting up the system, making sure that there is enough space
to work on the disks, taking backup, shutting down the system
whenever needed, helping end users who need help or are facing some
problems and many other similar tasks.
In older setups, companies usually used to have only one person as
System Administrator who was responsible for all previously mentioned
administrative activities because at that time usually terminals were
dumb terminals ,i.e., user had only keyboard and monitor no processor.
But with advent of Personal Computer terminals have become
intelligent, and the situation has changed completely. Many computers
are now owner by small businesses or organizations and even by
individuals. These computers are now powerful enough to run UNIX
This means that at many installations there many not be a dedicated
System Administrator. For example if you have UNIX running on your

computer then you mast have to be the System Administrator too. Thus
it is necessary for you that you should have some idea what the job
involves and how to do it.
As a System Administrator user can some utilities and commands that
other users can never use. Such commands often put in the /etc
directory so that ordinary users do not invoke them.


Some main responsibilities of Super User are as follows:
· Booting the System
· User Management
· Disk Management
· Backup Management
· Security
· Mounting and Unmounting
· Shutdown System
· File System Checking etc.
The UNIX System provides a special login name for the exclusive use
of the System Administrator, it is called as root. This account is provided
by the every UNIX system. It also have password like other user
Login: root


The prompt of root is #, unlike $used by all other users .Once user is
logged in to root, he is placed in the root directory (/)


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