What is Shell Scripting?.

What is Shell Scripting?.

Posted by admin at January 25, 2020

shell script is small computer program that is designed to be run or executed by the Unix shell, which is a command-line interpreter. A shell script is basically a set of commands that the shell in a Unix-based operating system follows.

In effect, a Bash shell script is a computer program written in the Bash programming language. Shell scripting is the art of creating and maintaining such scripts. Shell scripts can be called from the interactive command-line described above; or, they can be called from other parts of the system.

The improvements offered by BASH include:

The Bash syntax is an improved version of the Bourne shell syntax. In most cases Bourne shell scripts can be executed by Bash without any problems.

  • Command line editing.
  • Command line completion.
  • Unlimited size command history.
  • Prompt control.
  • Indexed arrays of unlimited size (Arrays).
  • Integer arithmetic in any base from two to sixty-four.
  • Bash startup files – You can run bash as an interactive login shell, or interactive non-login shell. See Bash Startup files for more information.
  • Bash conditional expressions: Used in composing various expressions for the test builtin or [[ or [ commands.
  • The Directory Stack – History of visited directories.
  • The Restricted Shell: A more controlled mode of shell execution.
  • Bash POSIX Mode: Making Bash behave more closely to what the POSIX standard specifies.

Bash v4.0 Features

  • Usual run time environment: POSIX
  • Command and file name completion – Bash can automatically fill in partially typed commands or arguments to the commands such as file name, hostname and much more.
  • Arithmetic support:
    • Integer Arithmetic supported.
    • Floating point Arithmetic is not supported.
    • Exponential notations is limited via printf build
    • Date and time Arithmetic is not supported.
  • Hash Table: Bash uses a hash table to remember the full pathnames of executable files.
  • Pattern Matching and regular expression are supported.
  • Globbing- For example, you can use *.conf to match all those conf files in /etc directory.
  • Directory Stack is supported via pushd and popd builtins.
  • Command History and History Completion fully supported by Bash.
  • Custom command prompts- Allows you to change the default prompt.

simple Shell Program:

echo welcome to shell Scripting

echo Bash directory is : $BASH
echo Bash version is :$BASH_VERSION
echo Home directory is :$HOME
echo Present working directory :$PWD
echo Ending Script.....


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